Thursday, July 31, 2008

The tour is complete as of last Sunday and I can honestly take the yellow jersey this year. I finished almost all of what I set out to do. I wanted to complete all my unfinished spinning projects. I was close and finished 3 out of 4. I also finished one full skein of 50/50 merino/tencel roving on my spindles. It turned out to be a fingering weight yarn at 23wpi and 375yds (the orange toned one below). I started a second merino/tencel roving on my spindles intending it to be laceweight after plying. While I didn't finish all of the roving (I finished 3.3oz) during the tour, I did finish it this week and it is laceweight at 29wpi and 500yds. yippe! Can't wait for next year- not sure what I'll challenge myself to but I'll be ready anyway!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spinning, spinning, racing....Birthday!

Today is my baby boys first birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Reece,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Pics with his new presents and his big brother :-)

Yesterday was the tour de fleece day of rest (though it was most decidedly not a day of rest for other things!)
I do have some more progress to report, but unfortunately only for tour 2.
The first pic is all of my spinning on the spindles for the first week. The second is the full 4oz of the Mayhem Twisted yarn all plied. It is a total of 375yds, but I haven't measured the WPI yet. The other pics are the washed skein in full and close-up view :-) If I can get all my cleaning done tonight by a reasonable hour I will do some spinning for tour 1.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 6 and Still spinning...

It is day six of the tour de fleece. I am not completing as much for Tour 1 as I would really like, but have just been in love with one of my rovings for tour 2 so I've been spending most of time with that.
I have however still completed some spinning- I finished the Chili and Pepper silk roving and plied it up. For some reason it was h-e-double hockey sticks to ply. It ended up more than once with a huge tangle. Ah well- it is done. :-)

Here now are my Twisted Fiber Arts rovings (first pic) which included the one I am currently spinning up for tour 2 (of which I am a member of the Drop Spindle team and Team Twisted Twisters). It is the first time I have tried spinning the merino tencel blend on my spindles. I am using one of my custom made Cascabel's spindles for it (love the littles ones that Gabe turned for me!) I started it on Wednesday evening (2nd pic) and as of yesterday I had finished 1/8th of the roving (3rd pic). Doesn't seem like much but it's being spun pretty fine for me and it takes a little longer. Working on more of it today and should be able to finish a good chunk of it.

Before I started the Twisted roving, I finished plying up the little bit of Merino that I had spun. It's OK- I'm still not that great at navajo plying :-( but will keep on practicing!

I also finally finished up this baby blanket I am going to give to my younger sister-in-law as she just had her first baby girl on Mother's Day. Hope she likes it. I like how it turned out. I used the Homespun Baby and a slight modification on a pattern for it from the Lion Brand website. I wanted the squares concentric and that isn't how the pattern works so.....
This is a picture while it was blocked and drying.

Still sorting through the vacation pictures so will put some of those up as soon as I'm done. More to come....
Toodles :-)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Le tour........

Well the tour de France and the tour de Fleece have begun.
Well the tour de Frane and the tour De Fleece have begun. I am a few days behind. Saturday I had a travel day and Sunday was the clean up day :-) We did have a great time on vacation though and I'll post about that later.
The Tour de Fleece 1 (the one linked to the black button on the right) is the spin from your stash challenge. I will start with some stash/spinning that's been waiting for waaayyyy too long. The first is a silk roving from Treetops in Chili and Pepper. It is destined to become a necktie. I hope ;-)

The Tour de Fleece 2 (the button with the gloved hand) I am challenging myself to spin everything for that on only spindles. I have one spindle full (it is a Cascade Ranier spindle) of some merino I dyed myself. I will ply that up later today and then will start on spindling another Treetops silk roving in the retro colorway. This one will be started on my apricot Bosworth mini. My son has had all-stars for baseball in the evenings so that is where I have done my spindling so far. So I am working on my challenge and in public at that!

I am enjoying this so far this year and hope to get lots more done than last year.

Mor fibery stuff in another post- I've got at least one FO to show.....